• Dental Savings Plan

  • ABC Family Dentistry Dental Savings Plan was created based on one simple philosophy: Everyone should have access to quality dental care and affordable rates. The Dental Savings Plan is our way of offering our patients superior dental care without the hassles and limitations associated with traditional dental insurance plans.

    The dental Savings Plan's low cost annual membership easily pays for itself, often on the very first appointment. It allows individual patients, couples, and families to enjoy discounts for virtually any procedure they require, with no limit to the number of yearly visits they can make. Members often save up to 70% off regular fees.

    With the Dental Savings Plan, our patients save time and aggravation as well as money compared to most dental insurances. There are no deductibles to pay. No claim forms to fill out, and just as important, you won't find any age restrictions or waiting periods to receiving the quality dental care you deserve.

    Ask us how to sign up for our Dental Savings Plan and start saving immediately.

  • Plan Details and Fees

    • No yearly maximums
    • No deductibles
    • No claim forms
    • No pre-authorization requirements
    • No pre-existing condition limitations
    • No waiting periods; you can use the plan
  • Membership Plan Annual Fee
    Single $299
  • Note: all fees are non-refundable. Payment is due upon joining the savings plan program. Please refer to the "No Show" policy for detailed requirements related to scheduled appointments. No more than 3 missed appointments during a calendar year are allowed to continue participation in the dental savings plan.
    *The dual plan is for Parent/ Child or Married couples only.
    ** The family plan includes up to four family members (children until age 19). You can add a family member for $ 125 per year

  • Member Discounts

    • Two free exams and Oral cancer screenings
    • Two free dental cleanings*
    • Four free cavity check x-rays
    • One free Panoramic X-ray


    Note: This plan cannot be used in conjunction with any dental insurance plans.
    *Plan includes 2 periodontal maintenance cleanings
    *Free cleanings do not include periodontal treatment (i.e. deep cleanings, scaling and root planing). Those patients diagnosed with a condition that requires these procedure will not qualify for 2 free cleanings per year.

  • Procedure Discount
    Fillings 20%
    Root Canals20%
    Periodontal Treatment 20%
    Crowns 15%
    Implant Crowns 15%
    Partial Dentures 15%
    Cosmetic Procedures 15%
    Dentures 10%
    Nitrous Oxide 10%